Hawaii Natural Healing Center is located on Oahu and offers an array of natural health services to help patients heal and maintain a healthy life.

Naturopathic Medicine
Integrative Oncology
IV Nutrient Therapies
Perineural Therapy & More

Hawaii Natural Healing Center Services

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a primary health care that emphasizes prevention, treatment and optimal health that encourages our inherent self healing mechanisms.

Dr. Gandre believes naturopathic medicine is the most logical, humanistic approach to primary health care.

IV Therapy

IV Nutrient Therapy can help the body utilize nutrients it might not be absorbing through food and supplements. 

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, pain, frequent colds, headaches or general malaise, you might have an issue with nutrient assimilation. 

Perineural Therapy for Pain

Perineural Therapy is a groundbreaking treatment option for pain and musculoskeletal injuries.

Including: tendonitis, osteoarthritis, peripheral neuropathy, chronic regional pain syndrome, migraine, frozen shoulder and other pain conditions.

LDA (Allergy Desensitization)

Low Dose Allergen, or LDA therapy, is very safe and effective immunotherapy used to treat food allergies and environmental allergies as well as autoimmune conditions. Physicians using LDA in the United States have a reported >80% success rate using LDA over the past 40 years.

EWOT (Exercising With Oxygen Therapy)

EWOT involves breathing high levels of oxygen while doing light to moderate exercise.

At Hi EWOT, we use authentic EWOT masks and high flow oxygen concentrators like the ones used in German health studies.

Full Spectrum, Low EMF Infared Sauna

Our infrared sauna provides both mid and far-infrared heaters, as well as near-infrared LED light panel.

The difference between an infrared vs regular sauna is that infrared directly heats the body instead of the air around you. 

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Dr. Allison Gandre

Types of Treatment Offered

Dr. Allison Gandre treats a wide range of conditions from allergies and immune dysfunction to hormone imbalance and digestive disorders.

She has a special emphasis on resolving pain conditions using neural prolotherapy and nutritional protocols. Dr. Gandre also has advanced training in IV nutrient therapy, a useful treatment for cancer, heavy metal toxicity, immune dysfunction, gastrointestinal disorders and chronic fatigue.

Client Feedback…

pain has been managed significantly

The pain has been managed significantly and we continue to treat the area (treatment: Neural Prolotherapy).

caring, nurturing and supportive

Dr. Gandre is caring, nurturing and supportive.

surprising how well it works

The Neural Prolotherapy treatment caused the pain to eventually vanish, it was surprising how well it works, the pain just goes away.

I’m very pleased with the results

My emphysema has stabilized since we began and has obviously improved…that is saying a lot!!!! I’m very pleased with the results I’ve received at the hands of Dr. Gandre. I feel I’d be “hard pressed” to find myself in better hands than her’s.

Always willing to give a helping hand

Dr. Gandre cares about her patients.  She was right there with me all the way making sure I had everything I needed and always willing to give a helping hand.

In remission

Excellent. In remission from Stage 4 cancer.

Best protocols for health and healing

I love Dr. Allison, she is very knowledgeable, and up to date on all the most current and best protocols for health and healing!

We feel very blessed to have found her

We love Dr. Allison. She is amazing at what she does and so kind. We feel very blessed to have found her and have referred her to everyone we know.

Kind and empathetic health provider

A kind and empathetic health provider. Much wisdom regarding a holistic approach to healing. Very pleased!

Communicates in a caring and effective manner

Dr. Allison is intelligent, knowledgeable and communicates in a caring and effective manner. She is great!

Holistic approach to healthcare versus only treating symptoms

Appreciate the holistic approach to healthcare versus only treating symptoms. Dr. Gandre’s talks to me and communicates with me directly via email. This level of care is hard to find these days and makes you feel like partners in care of your health.

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