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Intravenous Therapy

Hydrate. Boost Energy. Support Your Immune System.

Advanced Studies Through the International IV Nutritional Therapy for Professionals

Hawaii Natural Healing Center- Dr. Allison Gandre

A major benefit of IV Nutrient Therapy is that nutrients bypass the digestive system to go directly where needed. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, pain, frequent colds, headaches or general malaise, you might have an issue with nutrient assimilation.

Many people unknowingly suffer from malabsorption or difficulty assimilating nutrients, contributing to “dis-ease” like fatigue, pain, poor muscle recovery, immune dysfunction, and poor tissue healing.  IV nutrient therapy can help the body utilize nutrients it might not be absorbed through food and supplements.  

Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and other nutrients delivered direct into circulation going to all parts of the body within seconds. Some IV options and conditions benefited by IV Therapy include:

House calls to Home or Office is available. Call for pricing.