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Berkey Water Filter

One of the best and most affordable water purification units available on the market. The Berkey filters last an average family four years before needing replacement!

Pure Effect Filters

The pure effects whole house system removes radiation, heavy metals, chemical run off, chlorine and sediment from your entire home\’s tap and bath water. They also have single counter or under-counter sink units and shower units.

Dr. Dispenza

We all want the best life possible for ourselves. The hard part is figuring out how to achieve this goal. Dr. Joe Dispenza has taught thousands of people around the world how to producing lasting change. His popular workshops teach students how to rewire their brains through the use of neuroscience and meditation. The result is a new mind, body and brain or simply put – a new you!

Clear Light Sauna

These low EMF infrared saunas help the body eliminate toxins, like heavy metals. Infrared saunas also help to ease muscle and joint tension, speed metabolic processes and help reduce stress.

IQ Air Filters

Hawaii Natural Healing Center- Dr. Allison Gandre

IQ air filters remove toxic chemicals, vog, and other airborne allergic substances. I believe they are by far the best air filters available on the market.