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Integrative Oncology

Hawaii Natural Healing Center- Dr. Allison Gandre

Dr. Gandre truly cares about her patients and wants them to enjoy the best life possible for as long as they can. Getting a cancer diagnosis is scary and can be life-changing. The information out there is vast, confusing and often contradictory. Naturopathic physicians who specialize in or have advanced training in oncology understand the medical treatments offered by standard oncologists and how to collaborate with them.

Dr. Gandre is aware of the many alternative treatments and attends conferences to stay up to date on standard, alternative and complementary therapies. Many patients and even oncologists are unaware of the preventative interventions that can reduce the risk of chemotherapy side-effects like cardiotoxicity, peripheral neuropathy and mucositis without reducing efficacy of treatment.

Having a naturopathic physician with advanced training in integrative oncology on your health care team is an invaluable resource for anyone facing a cancer diagnosis. OncANP

Integrative IV therapy

Dr. Gandre has had advanced training in Integrative IV therapy for cancer. Some of the IVs offered include:

High dose vitamin C IVs :  When given in high doses of 50 grams or more, vitamin C IVs can effectively kill cancer cells while not harming healthy cells. The vitamin C combines with iron to produce hydrogen peroxide that selectively kills cancer cells. High-dose vitamin C IVs have been found to work synergistically with chemotherapy, both potentiating the therapy and reducing harmful side effects.

Hydration, multi-nutrient and amino acid IVs: Supports energy and immune function.

Mistletoe Therapy

Gandre has completed the advanced training in Mistletoe therapy through the Physicians Association for Anthroposophic Medicine 

  • For more info on mistletoe therapy and integrative oncology and support, please see the non-profit site :
  • Metabolic Medicine : nutrition and lifestyle plans to manage cancer. Gandre is currently studying under Dr. Nasha Winters Metabolic Approach to Cancer course for physicians and is continuously updating her practice as she progresses through the course. 

Gandre recommends the following books (ideally started reading before coming in for your first appointment) :