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EWOT (Exercising With Oxygen Therapy)

EWOT-Exercising with Oxygen Therapy

What is EWOT? 

EWOT involves breathing high levels of oxygen while doing light to moderate exercise.

At Hi EWOT, we use authentic EWOT masks and high flow oxygen concentrators like the ones used in German health studies.

What does EWOT help with?

  • Asthma sufferers
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Diabetics
  • Un-healing wounds
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Frequent flyers
  • Brain fog, demential, Traumatic brain injury
  • Endurance athletes, raising VO2max
  • Immune support
  • Cardiac and circulatory disorders
  • Oncology support
  • Anti-aging

How Does it Work?

During EWOT, a higher oxygen level in the lungs creates more pressure to drive oxygen into pulmonary capillaries. Exercise expands arterioles and speeds circulation, boosting your oxygen carriage. Oxygen is carried by the blood to capillaries all over the body, where it diffuses through the capillary endothelial membrane into interstitial fluid and on to your cells. This oxygen diffusion happens through pressure, and an optimal arterial oxygen pressure is around 100mm (average 20 years old). With age and any factors that accelerate aging, arterial oxygen pressure decreases (average 70-year-old has 60s-70s mm arterial oxygen pressure). So, age and factors that accelerate age (smoking, toxic exposure, poor diet, inflammation, excessive stress, etcetera ) = less oxygen going to your cells. This is part of why a cut heals rapidly in a child, but may fester and take a long time to heal in an older person. EWOT has been shown to increase arterial oxygen pressure back to healthy youthful levels, correct the oxygen transfer mechanisms and raise VO2max.

In addition to supporting healthy arterial oxygen pressure, EWOT helps repair dysfunctional swollen capillary endothelial cells back to normal size and function. Remember, oxygen diffuses through capillary endothelial membrane cells to the interstitial fluid to reach our cells. When the body is oxygen-deficient, endothelial cells swell, creating a vicious cycle, as the swelling prevents oxygen diffusion. EWOT helps repair this oxygen transfer mechanism. Research indicates that repeated administration of EWOT can lead to the lasting reduction of endothelial swelling and the promotion of peripheral circulation.